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The veterinary vaccine factory generally use plastic vaccine bottle or glass vaccine bottle to package the vaccine.

5 Best Ways To Sell Vaccine Bottles

With the accelerated development of aquaculture industry, along with the vigorous evolution of the pet market, individuals has disease on account of the animal, which also make people pay more attention to vaccine market. So vaccine research and development has been promoted and vaccine bottle was appeared.
Plastic injection vial can be devided into two types, one is little dimension plastic injection vial and yet another is big plastic injection bottle. But, vaccine packaging is generally using glass bottle over plastic injection bottle, together with the development of plastic injection jar as a new vaccine packaging appeared.
Plastic injection bottle has its own unique advantages, and started to be widely embraced, since has not fully to so for its use of plastic bottles are still in use this caused many pharmaceutical companies to different producer replenish onr's stock, respectively, glass and plastic bottles, then many glass manufacturers should require production of plastic bottles. Plastic bottles of vaccine manufacturing technology through constant innovation, product variety diverse, at precisely the exact same time as the nation to the veterinary medication packaging industry standardization direction, perfecting relevant policies, in addition, it strengthens the veterinary medicine packaging industry shake-out, makes the veterinary medication packaging business sustained and steady growth.
Plastic injection vial can be broken into two part, one is that PP antoclaved vaccine bottle, another is that COP vials, which may also called injection solution bottle. Xinfuda can offer client design and large volume for a brief moment.
Plastic injection vial mainly embraced sterile by EO, the size of vaccine jar such as from 10ml to 250ml, which factor with high temperature resistance. Another is COP injection vial made of Cyclo Olefin Polymer, which is resistant to strong alkali medicine, many cancer medication use COP packaging to maintain liquid medicine stable for a lengthy period. Obviously, low protein adsorption is also a large merit compared with glass vials.
Plastic injection vials can give you sterile and all around the world shipping.

Plastic bottle for injection mostly made from PP and PE, veterinary plastic vials can be used in drugs packaging without drying and cleaning, which have high resistance, light weight, unbreakable bottle, convenient shipment and excellent sealing.
Compared with plastic jar, plastic jar for injection has important features:
First, veterinary plastic vials in order to ensure the drug from the period of validity of be changed with damp be affected with damp, metamorphism, veterinary vinyl has good sealing and resistance, permeability, can prevent light, heat, water vapor and oxygen onto the influence of drugs.
Second, Bottles of the lining of this direct contact with medications, bottle making substances must conform to the requirements of pharmaceutical packaging, to guarantee the safety of the medication.
Third, plastic bottle for injection contour, sizes and structure ought to be accommodated to the pharmaceutical businesses of various filler loading petition, to meet the needs of high speed automatic machine.
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